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Marketers: Stop Throwing Money Down the Funnel

The rise of digital commerce has caused the traditional marketing funnel to be transformed into something entirely new. With the convenience of traffic drivers like paid search, social advertising and the rise in programmatic advertising, customer acquisition has become the new bucket that marketers are increasingly pouring more and more of their budget into. And […]

6 Growing Trends in B2B eCommerce Solutions

B2B ecommerce is an extremely dynamic field. It continues to change, year-after-year. Companies that are able to anticipate the growing trends are also able to leverage the best possible B2B ecommerce solutions before their competitors have a chance – a major advantage. On the other hand, those that don’t adapt to the dynamic changes of […]

15 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer’s Experience

Once you’ve got your business up and running online, it’s time to start getting more people to your site. If you don’t have people visiting, after all, you won’t have sales. Usually this is something people understand intuitively, however there are some other factors that are equally important to your business success. Once you’ve got […]

Why User-Generated Content is Important to eCommerce Success

If your eCommerce website isn’t using user-generated content, you may be missing out on sales. User-generated content (UGC) refers to any sort of content that a site user or visitor generates. It could be a comment, a review, an uploaded photo, or even a video. UGC can turn a boring, dead website that people forget to […]

How and Why You Should Write Great Product Descriptions

You could have the best products in the world in your online store, but poorly written product descriptions could mean losing your customers. Product descriptions are absolutely critical in online shopping. Remember: Customers cannot touch your product online. They can’t step back and look at it in person, nor can they sample it. If they […]

The Importance of Trust Seals for E-Commerce Conversions

The concept of buying a product online is a risky one. Any successful transaction relies on an impressive number of expectations. To make a purchase, you need to send money to an essentially anonymous individual who may be in a completely different country. You then expect that store operator to act in good faith and […]

Why is Responsive Design Important for SEO?

As the owner of an online store, you’re deeply aware of the effect that SEO can have on your visibility. You may also know that responsive design is a competitive advantage in a world where 62% of smartphone users make purchases on their mobile device. But how does responsive design interact with SEO? More importantly, […]

Use Instagram to Help Drive E-Commerce Sales

You probably already know that Instagram is one of the largest social media networks around – with 500 million monthly active users as of 2016, it represents one of the most powerful platforms for promotion on audience size alone. There’s more to Instagram than pure audience numbers, though – especially if you run an e-commerce store. The […]

How E-Commerce Retailers Use Lifestyle Photography to Generate Brand Value

Previously the exclusive tool of the world’s largest luxury brands, lifestyle photography has become the obsession of the Internet generation. The availability of high quality camera and image editing technology made this style a dominating element of digital marketing campaigns, which now can be harnessed by the e-commerce store owner. Lifestyle vs. Product Almost every online […]